With Over 50 Years Experience in the Wholesale Industry We Are Proud to Meet Your Unique Needs

Roebuck Greenhouse Wholesale Division is primarily available to supply the needs of landscape companies, garden centers, greenhouses and other retail merchants who need large quantities of plant material.


To qualify as a wholesale customer, you must have a Federal Id #. In order be exempt from South Carolina retail sales tax you must have    Retail Sales Tax ID #.

If you need an I-9, please request one by e-mailing rgh@roebuckgreenhouses.com.


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You may also call 864-576-5952


Fax # 864-576-8067

Spring Wholesale

Along with our Boston fern, flowering and foliage wholesale baskets, we also sell premium 4.5" annuals, jumbo 804 bedding plants, 12-14" combo pots and other patio planters.

Fall Wholesale

We have a huge, vibrant selection of wholesale chrysanthemums and pansies. These hearty plants offer an explosion of color.

Summer Wholesale

Heat-loving annuals that are great for your landscape lead our summer wholesale inventory, along with 4.5" and 6.5" assorted annual and tropical plants.

Winter Wholesale

Red, white, pink and other colors - we are one of the largest providers of wholesale poinsettas in South Carolina. Special discounts for church orders.